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Soham Adhikary, Chairman of the Board   Facebook Twitter about.me

Soham Adhikary is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Adhikary Group.

Soham formed Adhikary Group in 2007. His skills and experience in business, sales, marketing, technology and law give Adhikary Group an edge in strategic planning and negotiation in the Internet segment. Under his astute guidance, Adhikary Group has spread it’s wings worldwide. Started business from Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) to nationwide of India, and now has extended the business in Paris, France where the setup process is ongoing. Adhikary Group has become one of the Eastern India’s trusted and largest privately held web technology companies.

Among his many industry and online community involvements, Soham has involved with several educational institutions, and social activities. Recently, he has decided to form an Educational Institute of Information Technology to provide a learning platform and to serve the common people, and make them literate in IT to grow his own country (India) in the technology sector.

Somnath Hazari, CEO   Facebook Twitter about.me

Somnath Hazari, Chief Executive Officer of Adhikary Group, is an experienced techie executive who has a successive entrepreneural intelligence to execute and continue building a successful and profitable companies from scratch. He is an experienced and a skilled person especially in Website Designing, Website developing, Server Maintenance (Linux), and in CMS (Content Management System). He individually takes the responsibility of whole operation of web solution and maintain a good relationship with all the staffs. For his hardworking, sincerity, and soft manners he extended it’s services outside of India such as in Bahrain, France, Dubai, Australia, and USA.

Since 2009, he has been nurturing himself and proven the successful ways of online/offline sales and marketing and along-with project management, and career solutions, and even he is involved in Brand Development.

Now, he holds the position of Business Developer of one of our child concerns "Zamin Property" that works as a real estate agency.

Moreover, he possessed the sharp knowledge of health & beauty sector. Therefore, he started to promote the Indian products in and around the stage of world, and the overseas products into the Indian market. He took a great responsibility to expand this service from making association with worldwide companies to online marketing and increasing sales.

Now a days, he shares his knowledge with the students of several IT Institutions as a Lecturer to make them IT literate.

Even he is involved with some social establishments to maintain his social responsibility as a human being.

Shankar Adhikary, CFO

Shankar Adhikary, Chief Financial Officer of Adhikary Group, along with he serves as a Business Developer of the child companies of Adhikary Group. Shankar is a veteran person in financial strategy, management and reporting for businesses. Shankar is attentive on leading Adhikary Group’s monetary objectives, including planning of budget and cost management of tactical investments and business activities needed for the next phase of accelerated growth.

For the last 20 years he was involved with GIC, and in present days continuing with Adhikary Group. His sincere efforts, hardworking, and straight-forward communication takes Adhikary Group to the higher level.

Alpana Adhikary, Vic. CFO

Alpana Adhikary, Chief Financial Officer (Vice) of Adhikary Group, she is been involved in the financial strategy, cost management of strategic investments for the last three decades.

Moreover, she has a bright recognition as a Business Developer of MedLineClinic.

Rajesh Paul, Chief Marketing Officer   Facebook Twitter about.me

Rajesh Paul, Chief Marketing Officer of Adhikary Group, he is been involved in the whole sales and marketing processes, and even he has taken responsibility to work in several child concerns of Adhikary Group.

Moreover, she has a bright recognition as a Business Developer of MedLineClinic.

Sourabh Das, CTO   Facebook Twitter about.me

Sourabh joined Adhikary Group as Chief Technology Officer in March 2014, and has recently assumed the role of Chief Technology Officer. Sourabh a very young, energetic guy, still he is continuing studies as he has tremendous curiosity for his ambition. He has joined in Adhikary Group for the firm relationship of our CEO.

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