We are Adhikary Group

11+ Years Of Journey

Failed, Stumbled But Succeed

We know that intellectuality, competency of operation, honest effort, and capital are essential to establish a business, to run it successfully, and to sustain on it. It is unnecessary to say, that without the investment of capital it is quite impossible to form or set up a business.

But the Management Team of Adhikary Group overrides this concept and has approved that this concept is not appropriate. As the internet has brought the world into everyone's fist, therefore, everything is possible just need sincerity, dedication, intelligence, and effort to reach on the destination.

Since 2007, Adhikary Group is running businesses online (virtually) in all over the India. Now, it has successfully expanded its' wings to overseas countries such as United Kingdom, Paris (France), Bahrain, United arab Emirates, and also in all over the world in several countries through online.

Now, Adhikary Group is one of the renowned companies of India which virtually runs its' businesses and manage all operations online.

Adhikary groups of companies (www.adhikarygroup.com) started its journey with the Formation of Adhikary group in the year 2007 by Mr.Soham Adhikary. Coming out from his father's (Mr.Shankar Adhikary, CFO Adhikary Group of Companies) traditional business he wanted to do something modern and youth friendly. Surprisingly, before he could make any strategic plan to start with, opportunities were banging his doors to start providing IT and web solutions. Almost without any resource in hand he started managing to provide web solutions to many eminent clients worldwide.

After developing a strong resource base to provide not only web solutions but also web promotion services, with the help of his Cousin Brother Mr.Somnath Hazari, Mr.Soham Adhikary developed WebDesignDevil. Solely responsible for Website Designing, development, SEO, and Web based promotions in social media and blogs.

Simultaneously, Adhikary group of companies which was holding two companies spreading out in the market and getting well known for marketing, web based solutions and business promotions for the client.

Meanwhile, Mr.Somnath Hazari had a plan to take the marketing part of Adhikary group into online business. He formed a business called InFocusSales together with Mr.Soham Adhikary in 2009 and still holds the designation of Managing Director. InFocusSales played a huge role in growing Adhikary group leaps and bounce. It took charge of managing a huge employee base for WebDesignDevil and also of itself. Perhaps the biggest and successful running business with more than 250 employees as Independent Contractors. Still InFocusSales do not hold any physical office to manage itself, with delighted customers and amazing employees base.

Mrs.Alpana Adhikary vice. CFO of Adhikary Group of Companies, had a log waited project called MedLineClinic to start which was slowly in its process in these long years. It is about Promoting and selling of Organic and Herbal personal care products, medical products, and medical supplements etc. Till 2013 MedLineClinic Products sold under banner of InFocusSales from outside India.

Now India being the 2nd biggest growing economy, we are bringing MadLineClinic in India with its own separate promotional and sales base both offline and online. This channel of service and product base is named as MedLineClinic, Mrs.Alpana Adhikary is well assisted by Mr.Somnath Hazari in this context as Business Developer.

As we have seen SURPRISING ACCIDENTS are destiny to us. WebDesignDevil planned to launch website of its client a well known celebrity a singer in Kolkata. Successfully managed the event. This leaded to many new clients asking for event management services. Events are really time consuming and attention driven job. This started hampering our other business processes. For catering this new client base and rushing in event management market, we decided to start two new businesses simultaneously.

Getting the Printing and promotional materials all the time from market is getting costlier and hectic job. So, why not do it in house and also give services on that front too. We are already I the verge of stating PrintsDevil and for managing events an event management company was formed entitled "Devil's Media And Entertainment".

As the business is growing day by day, Management Team of Adhikary group realizes that well skilled manpower is a crisis in the market. It has taken an oath of eliminating the great canyon gap of academic education in IT field and professional applicability of knowledge. For that Adhikary group is planning to develop a pre-job training ground for both IT educated and Non IT educated people to get the applicable skill development classes.

It is the time to pay back something that society demands. Charities are always welcomed by management of Adhikary Groups of Companies. But donating a thing that can change lives in society is much more than a helping hand to make lives better. Education and knowledge building is the key. IT being the key of our nerve, it is planning to open free IT classes for less fortunate people of society and differently able people. It is also planning about brining many such NGOs and Missions to join hands in this good cause.