Our Logo


Adhikary Group Logo: Our logo reflects our vision and philosophy of being universal and eternal with no boundaries.

The “Arc”, it has resembles the constrains that will play its’ part. We always find the path that will bring out our enthusiastic actions to go beyond of that. This enthusiasm is resembled with the dark red arrow comes out of the arc around.

In the logo, we can see a “Triangle” that makes the “A” of Adhikary Group. Each point on the arc makes represent three aspects of human character explained in Indian Spirituality. The bottom two corners of the triangle are “Tamas Guna” – means the character of resting or settling down, and the other one is “Rajas Guna” – means action which keeps you active. According to the Indian Spiritualism when we control both Rajas and Tamas to require leads we bring out. “Satwa” which is feeling of “WOW”, this brings success from Tamas and Rajas.